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ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous is an enthusiast-driven “Support Group” for the fans and owners of the vehicles as unique as they are!

This organization is dedicated to fueling the “addiction” to anything and everything related to the

Chevrolet EL Camino & GMC Caballero/Sprint car-trucks!

We can provide much of what you need including an understanding of what you have, as well as what to look for when considering Purchasing, Repairing, Restoring, Maintaining, Servicing, Preserving, Modifying, Detailing, Showing, and Driving these cool rides in order to keep these unique Classic Pickup Trucks on the road!

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Check out our Community Forums for more “real time” discussions… now you don’t necessarily have to email if you have a question!

We can “chit-chat”, do Q&A, coordinate for shows, or just simply share whatever it is you love about your EL Camino!

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