What is ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous?

ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous is an enthusiast-driven “Support Group” for the fans and owners of the vehicles as unique as they are!

This organization is dedicated to fueling the “addiction” to anything and everything related to the

Chevrolet EL Camino & GMC Caballero/Sprint car-trucks!

We can provide much of what you need including an understanding of what you have, as well as what to look for when considering purchasing, repairing, restoring, maintaining, servicing, preserving, modifying, detailing, showing, and driving these cool rides in order to keep these unique classic pickups on the road!

The ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous organization was initially assembled primarily to be an online, El Camino-only, D.I.Y. Technical, Restoration, and Customization Resource.
The organization is currently focused mainly on the 5th Generation El Camino platform, primarily due to the 5th Gen being where the majority of my personal experience originates.
My ’83 was my first vehicle, and I’ve had it for over 30 years now. Not an inch of it has been untouched by my own two hands. From the mechanical, electrical, cosmetic, and upholstery aspects, all modifications, to much of the paint, I’ve had something significant to do with getting it to it’s current state. But, be assured that I also do not claim to know everything there is to know…I’m learning every day!
Additionally, I’ve somewhat recently acquired an ‘86 that is intended to be my son’s first vehicle as well. We have already performed a large amount of troubleshooting and repairs on it, and are making great progress with the restoration process in order to return it to it’s dependable, relatively original condition. This has expanded my experience with the 5th Gen platform.
Furthermore, I have additional experience as a GM Technician for a few years in the late ’90’s. I’ve essentially been some sort of technician for the majority of my adult life, from helicopters, to cars, to specialty machine building, and prototype and show-quality semi trucks.
Hopefully, in the future as the organization grows, this resource will expand to cover the other El Camino/Caballero generations, and be of more value to owners of those era Camino’s.
The El Camino timelines and year-breaks are: First Gen: ’59-’60; Second Gen: ’64-’67; Third Gen: ’68-’72; Fourth Gen: ’73-’77; Fifth Gen: ’78-’87.
While the core principals remain somewhat universal across the model years, there are several unique differences between them.
ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous can be considered an online resource for technical information, and advice one might need while preparing for, or performing a repair, restoration, upgrade, or modification.
We can also be considered as a source for materials, supplies, and even as a professional outlet for assistance in performing these services if you don’t feel up to the task, have the tools, the space, or the time.
We’re a Service Business, a “Support” Group, and it’s a “Car” Club…all in one!
Don’t be afraid to ask if you need an answer to help you solve a problem! The only “stupid question” is the one never asked!
Not everyone is a Master Technician, and we ALL started at the point where we didn’t know anything! So let’s help each other learn, and enjoy this passionate addiction, and keep more Elco’s on the road!
The best way to keep up with us is to follow our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube pages for updates.
You can also gain access to a lot of our extensive technical information, and  with some person-to-person enthusiast support community capabilities, by joining our private Facebook Group.
It has a lot of the same valuable information that’s found in our Member’s Area here on the website: “The ELCOHaulicSS Garage“. It’s free to join, but the knowledge and resources are priceless!
So come find us and join up with the Premier El Camino Fan Club & Support Group!
Chad Mills
Owner/Operator, Senior Technician, Group/Club Creator, & Administrator

ELCOHaulicSS Anonymous is a Division of