5th Gen Hood Lift Strut Conversion Kit


Hood Lift Strut Conversion Kit:

5th Gen EL Camino/Caballero/A & G-Body

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Hood Lift Strut Conversion Kit:

5th Gen EL Camino/Caballero/A & G-Body

Replace the Coil Spring & Scissor Hood Supports on your 5th Gen El Camino or Caballero with Lift Support Struts similar to those found on Regal Grand Nationals, Rear Glass Hatches, Trunk Lids, etc.

This is a relatively simple, DIY-Modification* that significantly cleans up your Engine Compartment. The kit contains the Lift Support Struts and Mounting Hardware to complete the modification.

Two of the Ball Studs attach to the Modified Angled Scissor Mounting Brackets using the Flange Nuts. The remaining Two Ball Studs replace the forward Fasteners on the Lower Half of the Hood Hinges that secure them to the Fenders. The Lift Support Struts then simply snap onto the Ball Studs.

One benefit with these Struts related to use with Fiberglass Hoods**, is that they have somewhat of an “over-center” function to them. When they get to the halfway-point of their travel, they “pull” instead of “push”, so there isn’t that constant pressure upwards on the Hood when it’s closed, reducing the chance of cracking the Hood. As long as you have the proper Rubber Bumpers in place along the Fenders for support, the downward (which is actually mostly rearward) shouldn’t adversely affect the Hood.

For heavier-than stock Hoods, there is an option for that as well depending on the weight of the Hood.

Contact Us for your application needs and we’ll figure it out!

Kit Contents:

  • (2) Lift Support Struts (Standard Kit)
  • (4) Metric 10mm Ball Studs (Black or Silver Zinc Plated – Finish may vary but all four will be the same finish)
  • (2) Metric Flange Nuts (Gold or Silver Zinc Plated – Finish may vary but both will be the same finish)
  • (2) Metric Stainless Steel Standard Washers
  • (4) Metric Stainless Steel Socket Button Head Screws (plain/non-polished)
  • (4) Metric Stainless Steel Fender Washers
  • Detailed Instructions
  • OPTIONAL: Add Carbon Fiber-look wraps (see product images) to the struts for added cost, made of automotive vinyl wrap material. Other colors available by request.


  • This kit ONLY fits the ’78-87 El Camino and will NOT fit other G-Bodies!
  • * This upgrade requires modifying the original Hood Supports by separating the upper Mounting “Angle” Bracket that attaches to the Hood, from the Scissor-portion of the Support. This is accomplished by grinding off the staked portion of the Pivot point, which is kind of like a big Rivet. The small Angle Brackets are then re-purposed as the Upper Mounts for the Struts. (There are additional procedures to take in order to return them to stock functionality in the instructions, should the need arise.)
  • ** Successfully tested on a Factory Steel Hood with a molded-on Cowl Hood Scoop (Additional Weight from Scoop & Body Filler).
    • For usage on Plain/OE Hoods with Insulation Mat the Standard Strut Kit is sufficient.
  • ** For Lightweight Fiberglass Hood use, it is better suited to use lighter-force Struts. Aftermarket Hoods should have the Front Coil Lift Spring attached to lift the front of the Hood when it is released, otherwise it may be difficult to open due to the Struts applying downward pressure. However, the closing force is effectively less than the opening force due to the mounting configuration.
    • The correct Lifting Force for the Fiberglass Hoods and Steel Cowl Hoods are dependent on the weight of the Hood. CONTACT US for your specific application and verification.
  • IMPORTANT: Verify that your Hood Hinge Mounting Hardware is METRIC before ordering…it SHOULD be…but double-check it first!
  • Carbon Fiber Strut Wraps shown NOT included, but is optional at an additional cost.
  • IMPORTANT Notice: The installation of these Lift Supports in this manner is not considered to be a “Standard Installation”, is considered to be a “Custom Application”, and therefore the longevity of the Lift Struts and related components cannot be guaranteed. Being this is a “Custom Application Installation”, use of this “kit” in this manner, is at your own risk and responsibility.

$49.95 – $55.95

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